Wine For an Event

Specialists on what to expect from the most exquisite hotels windermere have to offer will tell you fist hand -without a second thought- that it's never easy to find a great host for an evening event or wedding. And from their experience, you'll definitely learn one very important rule of thumb when it comes to the selection of beverages -particularly wine- which is, NEVER leave anything to chance. You might think that all wine is the same, but you couldn't be further from the truth. It's crucial to a successful event or wedding that you choose the correct wine, and here's why. 

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Wine Tasting

To get a feel of what you're paying for, it's almost certain that you'll have to go through a wine tasting experience. Not exactly everyone's cup of tea, but it is the only way to clear all doubts that may exist as to the quality of your wine selection for the wedding. Normally the hosts will take you through their cellar showroom where a team of experienced wine tasters will help you make the right selection.

What Exactly Is A Good Wine

Most of us associate wine with sophistication and style. It is widely thought to be the beverage of choice for the upper class and is flaunted around as if the idea of a terrible wine is unthinkable. However, there is such a thing as a good wine, and more often than not, it all depends. For instance, an excellent choice for a wedding will almost ordinarily combine usability (generally pleasing to the crowd) and originality. Quite naturally, this implies balance, and that's what you should be striving to achieve.

Figure Out General Preferences

Wherever you go, you'll often find that there's an even preference for either red or white wine. So for an event, it's fair to assume that 40% of attendees will take a liking to white wine, which isn't as popular a red wine. But it doesn't just boil down to preferences, as the weather can also play a part in the matter. Which is why in winter people will take more wine than beer, for example.

Choose Your Wine

Now, for the interesting part, preparing your wine selection.

White Wine

Generally speaking, a standard white wine that will leave heads rolling is one that is refreshing, crisp and unoaked. Sauvignon -and in its many forms- provides excellent value, is easy going, and most importantly, quite popular. It may also be helpful to find out what's currently trending, as wine fanatics are often ahead of the times, and they certainly don't like to play catch-up with old flavors.

Sparkling wine

What immediately springs to mind is Champagne. A traditional choice, sparkling wine is ideal for toasts. You do get fake, cheap brands masquerading as Champagne, but if you work with a trusted host, you'll be guaranteed to have the most delicious sparkling wine, like the recently popularized Crémant de Loire.

Notable Names To Remember

Chilean merlot


Australian shiraz

Argentine malbec

Languedoc-Roussillon reds.